Optimize your yield with our accurate and reliable mummy-removal system

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How the InsightTRAC Rover Works



The autonomous rover travels through the orchard



Mummy nuts are identified



Mummies are safely removed with biodegradeable pellets



Grower receives useful data on their orchard

InsightTRAC Vision System
Biodegradable Pellets
Vision and Turret system

Benefits of InsightTRAC

While the rover is removing pest-infested mummies, it is also learning about your orchard! The rover provides growers useful data on mummy removal per tree, potential savings per acre, and the overall health of your orchard.

Goal of 2 or Less Mummies Per Tree

Precisely removes mummies to industry-standard without damaging your trees

Not Weather Dependent

Works rain or shine, fog or no fog

Useful Data for Better Management

Proactively manage your orchard year-after-year with data on quantity, location, and variety of mummy nuts removed

No Manual Labor

Not dependent on hand-poling labor availability

24/7 Run Time 

The rover can work around the clock without any loss in performance quality

Higher Yield & Crop Health

Fewer mummies mean higher profits and a healthier farm; the average net profit increase is estimated at $100 - $300 per acre

Operates Day and Night

It Rover in an alomond orchard
IT Rover in orchard at night

Ready for a Better Way to Remove Mummies?

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