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Benefits of InsightTRAC


InsightTRAC provides robotic mummy removal technology and orchard data to help growers better manage and optimize their profit per tree.

Initially targeting the almond industry, InsightTRAC provides growers an autonomous winter sanitation solution for what is currently a manual process.


InsightTRAC finds and removes mummies with machine learning and sight-tracking technology while providing real-time orchard insights to improve the health and yield of your next harvest season.


We care about the work you do, which is why we designed the Rover to revolutionize the way you do winter sanitation. Our goal? To save you time and money while increasing the quality and yield of your orchard.

An almond grower looking at an ipad in his orchard

We work hard.

You won’t find a harder working group of almond advocates out there. InsightTRAC™ is driven to change the almond industry for the better.

Looking down the row of an orchard in the winter

We care about you.

We become your business partner. Want to save money? Decrease reject levels? Increase yield? We can help.

InsightTRAC Rover in an Almond Orchard

We make it easy.

Our autonomous, robotic rover works 24/7, rain or shine. No need to worry about labor, weather, or accuracy. It’s simple with InsightTRAC.

Awards and Recognition

From a Top-10 New Product Winner to Robotics Business Review  Top 50 Innovation Awards, read all the ways InsightTRAC has been recognized.

Top-10 New Product Winner
Robotics Business Review Top 50