InsightTRAC helps growers optimize the health and yield of their farm.

We are built to be On Time, On Target, and On TRAC.

IT Rover Sketch
Anna with InsightTRAC Rover in Almond Orchard

I’m Anna, Founder and CEO of InsightTRAC.

After listening to almond growers express their ongoing frustration with removing Navel Orangeworm infested nuts during winter sanitation—InsightTRAC was born.

Since 2019, our team has journeyed through multiple rounds of design, technology, testing, and grower feedback. Growers have seen demonstrations and are excited about how this new technology will make a positive difference in the yield and profitability of their farm.

We are now producing and manufacturing Rovers that will be delivered to California for the winter sanitation season for December 2022 and to Australia in June of 2023.



InsightTRAC currently serves almond growers in California and Australia with the goal of expanding to other crops and industries.

Considerable time is spent connecting with growers, conducting tests, and gathering feedback in our target markets.

InsightTRAC has established a large team of experienced product designers, engineers, autonomy experts and agriculture advisors to guide the development of this revolutionary system.
California and Australia

The Team

Anna Haldewang Headshot

Anna Haldewang

Inventor and Founder
Ben Zuiderveen Headshot

Ben Zuiderveen

Industrial Design
Cameron Muldowney Headshot

Cameron Muldowney

Electronics Engineer
Casey McKeller Headshot

Casey McKellar

Costa Fanourakis Headshot

Costa Fanourakis

Software Engineer
Dayna Beal Headshot

Dayna Beal

Chief Operating Officer
Dave Harkey Headshot

David Harkey

Software Engineer
Hannah Dozeman Headshot

Hannah Dozeman

Digital Marketing
Jordi Lucero Headshot

Jordi Lucero

Software Developer
Kyle McLellen Headshot

Kyle McLellan

Lead Electronics
Laura Anthony Headshot

Laura Anthony

Graphic Designer & Copywriter
Robbie Sullivan Headshot

Robbie Sullivan

Project Manager
Scott Brandonisio

Scott Brandonisio

Hardware Engineer
Tyler Rumsey Headshot

Tyler Rumsey

Product Engineer
Vicki Zylstra Headshot

Vicki Zylstra

Marketing Project Manager