Bull’s-Eye Farm Technology: Robot Patrols Almond Orchards, Blasts Mummies


In December of 2021, AgWeb shared an article about InsightTRAC’s ability to remove navel orangeworm pests from almond trees.

Navigating by GPS and equipped with artificial intelligence and an orchard identification camera system, the Rover is zeroed in on mummy recognition. Day or night, it moves down rows, stopping at each tree to check the branches for mummy presence. Once a mummy ID is made, machine-learning maps out the quickest route and angle to the hull within seconds.

The article highlights the problem of Navel Orangeworms for Almond Farmers in California and how InsightTRAC’s innovative Technology can solve that problem. The article also highlights how InsightTRAC aims to keep the Rover in the orchard all year.

“From a seasonal perspective, our Rover is going to always stay in the orchard, performing a role for the grower,” Haldewang says. “First, its purpose is to tackle navel orangeworm, but we’re going to shift it to year-round, additional activities to benefit the orchard.”


Read the full article from AgWeb here

Written By: Hannah Dozeman

Posted On January 26, 2022