Cleaning Robots: Out of your Home and Into your Orchard

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InsightTRAC Featured in How We Grow Magazine with Innovative Pest-Control Technology

The Almond Board of California featured InsightTRAC in their How We Grow Sept/Oct 2021 magazine.

The article discusses how robotics has moved into the agriculture industry and highlights the cutting-edge technology of InsightTRAC to accurately identify and remove almond mummy nuts.

Industry experts are excited about the potential economic and health benefits of reducing Navel Orangeworm (NOW) to almond growers and the impact this technology will have with other types of growers in the future.

Screen shot of InsightTRAC's How We Grow Article

Read an excerpt from the magazine:

“To develop the artificial intelligence to accurately spot a mummy using computer vision, Haldewang captured and processed 20,000 different images of what a mummy looks like from various distances and angles. With this computer vision the rover can spot and accurately remove mummies up to 30 feet away.

In addition to removing the mummies autonomously, InsightTRAC will provide growers with insightful data such as how many mummies were located on each tree. This may allow for more proactive measures to be taken in future years, such as shaking some trees more than once or adjusting mid-season integrated pest management practices.

The company is currently manufacturing a small number of these rovers and hopes to trial them with growers this coming winter. As they ramp up commercialization efforts, they plan to offer the robots as a service for the first few years before selling them directly to producers.”

“The orchard of the future is likely to include many forms of automation that growers can rely upon. Winter sanitation might serve as just an entry point to economically bring rovers out into the orchards. From there, they can collect data and serve other functions year-round.

“My vision is that these rovers will be in the orchard 365 days per year performing a different role for the grower every single season,” said Haldewang, “winter sanitation is just our first focus.”

Read the full article and magazine over on The Almond Boards Website.

Written By: Hannah Dozeman

Posted On September 7, 2021